METELIS Zaffron from Matelica

The Zafferano Metelis brand was created in 2016 after the experience gained by its young founders; aged
between 18 and 27 they have long been fascinated by this fantastic spice, and are intent on recovering this
old tradition of Matelica. Matelica is a town rich with history and culture set in the heart of the Marches, a region that boasts one of the most extensive areas of cultivation of saffron in Italy. In fact, saffron has been grown in this area since 1300-1400, as described in papers concerning Matelica found in the notarial archives of Camerino. The documents show the trading of saffron in this period, the notary makes clear the provenance of the spice highlighting the town on the slopes of San Vicino mountain,‘the customary Matelica,’ as a guarantee to clients which later would become a designation of origin.

About saffron

Saffron is a species of plant from the Iridaceae family (tuberous bulb), the beautiful Crocus sativus flower
varies from light lilac to a purple violet. Inside its corolla of petals on the end of a white filament, are three vivid red stigmas or threads – saffron.


Saffron powder provides about 310 calories per 100gr. Saffron is not only used for culinary purposes, but
also for therapeutic uses. The Arabic population was the first to attribute to it aphrodisiac and healing
properties defining it a “natural anti-depressive”. It contains many active ingredients which have a beneficial effect on the nervous system responsible for a person’s moods. The antioxidants in the
carotenoids, meanwhile, favour increased learning ability. In medical texts dating to ancient Persia benefits to respiratory problems and ulcers of the stomach were highlighted. From a nutritional point of view, saffron is composed of water (12%), fibre (4%), inorganic substances (5%), fats (6%), carbohydrates (64%), and protein (9%). It also contains many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese. Vitamins include vitamin A, many B vitamins and vitamin C, particularly important for bone protection.

  • Pure Safron in pistils – small plastic bags

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  • Pure Safron in pistils – small glass

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